Tuesday, December 20, 2005

tonight is tart night

Tonight, I bake tarts. I've had the fillings and dough leftover from two weekends ago in the fridge and I must use them now.

I wanted to use them last night, but after spending all day making a Christmas present for the hubby that I'm just dieing to tell y'all about - I conked out at the thought of all the dishes I still had to do to make the kitchen clean enough to roll out dough in. *sigh*

Tonight I find out just how long pie dough can reasonably last in the fridge anyway.

One or two tidbits left to pick up for others and I'll be done. Okay, a little more wrapping, and a few pies to bake....and time isn't really running out, is it?

It's Stephanie's fault, really, that I'm starting to get a little anxious about finishing the Christmas stuff on time, and I'm not even knitting. I had to order an extra book, you see, to get the free shipping from Chapters so I threw in Yarn Harlot (Stephanie's book) and it's pretty darned funny.

I'd get off this mad Christmas whirligig if I could. But with 4 very young nieces and nephews, and attending familial expectations, it's a little difficult.

Speaking of Christmas... have a Happy Holiday :)

(Hey, if it was good enough for Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra in 1957, it's good enough for all of us today as well.)

And don't forget that ye old Solstice is coming up in just a few hours. Light a candle for the return of the light in the shaded areas of your life tonight.


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