Thursday, June 9, 2005

photo blog

The very very last of the tulips. These pale purple tulips are great performers - they've been in bloom for almost 2 weeks by the time I took the photo a few days ago and are just starting to go.

This oriential poppy is fantastic! I planted it last year but it didn't bloom until this year. I had no idea just how spectacular the bloom would be. The petals look like parchment paper, and the colour is just so dynamic.

One of my favourite iris shots - there are dozens of irises in bloom in the garden now.

These next two photos are sort of the 'before' and 'after' shots of the newest garden space. I say 'sort of' because the 'before' is really mid-way through the ripping up of the grass, and they are taken from different angles, and of course, several weeks apart.
Most of the new plants are still just baby plants, so they are harder to see in the 'after' shot. The hose in the 'before' picture is the new edge of the garden. It looks smaller in the 'after' shot because it's taken from further away and the plant growth behind the new garden space is so much more developed.

Coming up this weekend - Playing with Fire, the Viking Way. DARC's hottest new demo team will be demonstrating how to smelt iron in the Viking Era - a preliminary showing to a major demonstration in Annapolis Royal at the end of August.

I'll mostly be hiding in the screened in shade observation area, when I'm not helping out by crushing rock ore for the Annapolis Royal smelting. The boys of the demo team will be sweating their body weight out on the bellows in 30°C heat, with only a 30% chance of rain relief. Since this is a Living History demonstration, they'll be in full body wool, linen and leather - just like the Vikings of yesteryear.

Wish them luck!

Karen :)


Mia, the Nature Nut said...

Hi Karen,

beautiful photos. I love the pale purple tulip - what is the name?

I also like what you've done with the flower bed beside your fence - that must have been a lot of work.

It's nice that you've left the tree stump in - are you going to use it for something? I have a tree stump which I use as a base for a bird bath.


P.S. your newsfeed seems to be working OK now.

Jenn said...

That stump is just begging to be a pedestal for some sort of garden ornament.

Mmmm... Hugin and Munin, perhaps?

Karen said...

Hugin and Munin ... what an intriguing idea! Jenn, I wish I could see your blog - you've made me curious now. :)

Mia - as always, a delight. :) I haven't the foggiest what the variety name is - these tulips were there before I moved in (of course now the hubby reading over my shoulder is arguing that one with me but he's wrong), and I'm rarely inclined to details. I'm more of a "like it, grow it" kinda gal.

The stump is another inherited feature - one I'm just too lazy to wrestle out. It's sculpture in and of itself in a way.