Tuesday, June 14, 2005

back to the garden, as promised

Ya know, one might be forgiven for wondering that if I'm such a big fan of gardening, then why is my grass so tall and unmowed?

I wonder sometimes too. But here it is - Neil's the only one who can reliably start the damn mower. It hates me. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

Or it could be the rain for the past couple of days. Or the fact that we've been out of town. Or the fact that if I blink, it doubles in size. But really, I think it's just the hateful mower.

Anyway, here's a few more pics.

These white clematis flowers are new to us. We planted them last year while Neil was working for White Rose during it's dying days. It's funny how the same species can produce such different flowers. The Jackmani clematis will be open in another few days.

This iris stands out from the purple and blue varieties that are the bulk of our collection. We've been adding new irises every year for the last few years - mostly yard sale finds in this nearby town that has one great big day of yard sales every year. Many of the ladies in the local horticultural society reside there and sell their starter plants every year. There is what looks like a black variety getting ready to bloom in a few days.

I'd give you proper variety and plant names if I bothered to remember them. :) I just like the colour - I'm a big fan of masses of riotious colour.

This is one of the new Icelandic poppies that I went out and bought just a few weeks ago after the first one opened. It has been so hot and dry for the past couple of weeks that I wondered if they'd make it and here they are, popping flowers already. Almost makes me want to go out and get still more. :)



Mia, the Nature Nut said...

I know what you mean about gas mowers. Mine used to hate me as well - they are made by men FOR men (sorry guys).

Actually, I eventually got the hang of starting it. The next mower will have an electric start!

Karen said...

Or no motor at all, maybe. I gather the newer rotary models are quite efficient.