Saturday, June 4, 2005

another long day in the garden

Whew.... after a frustrating, annoying, very long four days at work this week, we spent another long day in the yard today.

First, they're rennovating the floor of the library that I work in, so my office had to move to temporary quarters in one of the conference rooms. My supervisor, our part-time staff and me - one conference table each, because they didn't want to move our desks. It's a bit cramped for desk space, and I've lost a lot of privacy. But there are perks - the new space has much improved proximity to filtered water, microwave, sink, toaster oven, and fridge. And the one and only colour laser printer in the entire building is just around the corner.

We've had to re-organize our schedules and procedures, almost every day, based on what new issue the construction brings up. It's been a constant, frustrating challenge, and I've always been slow to take up the positive side of 'challenges'.

At least at work, anyway. :) The gardens, on the other hand, have been a fun challenge this year and I've only had two minor hysterical fits so far. I think I mentioned the first - weeds and the vegetable garden on the long weekend. Today was the second one - the lawnmower doesn't work for me. Neil's the only one with the magical touch to turn it on, fix the wheels, whatever. And he wasn't home when I started this afternoon. But he did come home just when I couldn't take it anymore and had started kicking inanimate objects. He just gave me new tomato plants to put in, and fixed the lawn mower.

We started off the day dropping off bunches of yard waste - dug up grass, porch remains to the dump - and picking up another trailer load of mulch. Then spent most of the rest of the day cutting the grass, with a short pause here and there for mulching, weeding, watering, lemonade, grocery shopping, and helping Neil work on the shelves for the shed. And as long as the rain holds off tomorrow, I have more annuals to plant, the front lawn grass to cut, more mulching, and there's always another weed to pull.


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