Friday, June 17, 2005

creeping charlie, everywhere

I've spent much of the day fighting with one of the websites I maintain. It'd be easier if I had created this massive mess in the first place. I'd know my own work. But this was created by someone else with a far superior webwork education, and too much time on his hands. I'm trying to wrestle it into something much much simpler. It'll never get updated on an ongoing basis if I don't.

I did spend a little while outside weeding, but when my path crossed with creeping charlie - it chased me back into the house. It's a nasty little rooter that doesn't give up easily.

Neil suggested dinner and a movie tonight. I think I'd like that. I have a sweet hubby. :)

Tomorrow - more planting and mulching. And maybe it'll be dry enough to cut the grass. Same old, same old.


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