Saturday, December 30, 2006

B is for Blog, C is for Christmas

B is for Blog -

Yeah, I'm still here. Life just kinda got away from me for a bit.

I started the blog in April 2005 and in that first year (April to December), I made 83 posts. In the entire year 2006, I've only made 65 posts. My urge to blog has decreased significantly.

And yet, I've gathered more comments, switched to the new Blogger, and installed a site meter just so I can see how few hits I'm getting.

I'm conflicted. And I don't really know what category I fit in as a blogger. If I knew that, I could join a few rings and get more hits that way.

Of course, posting more often might get me more hits too....

Mother of Invention
asked what the big present pictured in a previous post was - and it turns out that it's a mini-greenhouse! I can get started with new seedlings earlier in the year without clogging up the mudroom.

I also got (from the hubby) several new books and cds and dvds - on gardening, viking scotland, womyns' music, and the Animaniacs!

Mom and I made contributions to each other's wardrobe - both from Northern Reflections! While it's sometimes been difficult for Mom to buy clothing for me that I appreciate....she was right on the money this time!

Christmas up at the hubby's family home was fun in a whole different way. His brother and two sisters and their respective spouses are bound and determined to reproduce so there is a lot of kids to up the energy level. Running around the yard with the Nerf rockets, and watching them open the presents was just wonderful.

And there have been plenty of turkey sandwiches for me. The best part of holiday season food. :)


vandy said...

what big present pictured in what previous post? Huh?

Are there entries that are hiding??


CartoonSecrets said...
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Nina said...

Lucky you to get the mini greenhouse! That would be such a nice way to start plants. Mine will have to stay in the front workroom window for now, with grow lights to help them along.
It sounds like you had wonderful holidays.
Happy New Year!

Mother of Invention said...

My husband would love that greenhouse but I'm not sure we have the sun for it in our backyard.

I ovr-feasted for sure am am now paying for it. I could lose a good 10 for sure!