Saturday, December 2, 2006

ABC, and webrings, and the Liberals - a very mixed day

"A, your an Amazon
B, growing brave and strong
Clearly and Consciously you C....."

Lyrics from a song from the 70s. Part of the 'radical feminist' experience. Written by the delightful Alix Dobkin. I can't find the lyrics on the web, but you can buy her music at Ladyslipper.

Funny, the more research I do on the web to write anything on the blog about feminism, the more I'm convinced that there's a serious gap in written 'herstory'. Not that I'm volunteering to fill that gap.


Cyndy, of Riverrim, asked:
"If you are looking for hits, you could join a web ring?"

I don't know where I fit in. Is there a webring for people who just write randomly about their life?

Often it's about the garden, but heck, flowers make for pretty pictures. Rarely, it's about fibre crafts (or fiber, depending on how I feel like spelling it - I hear the first version is Canadian, eh) but just how many pictures of spinning can one post?

And sometimes it's about Canadian politics. Like today.

I've been watching the Liberal leadership convention today....Stephane Dion won! It's the first time in Liberal history that the front runner in the process didn't win.

It's not what I expected, or wanted - Gerard Kennedy impressed me with his outspoken opposition to Prime Minister Harper's "Quebecois nation" motion.

But I'm very happy that Michael Ignatieff did NOT win. One just can't leave Canada for 30 years and come back expecting to lead it. It's just not right in my books. I don't care how many books he's written or that he taught at Harvard. Big deal. If the Canadian university system is good enough for me to work in, it's good enough for him too.

Not that I vote Liberal. I generally go with the New Democratic Party. But the Liberals have the biggest chance of stopping Stephen Harper's Conservatives in the future. And that is very important to me.



Nina said...

I will have to admit that I did think that Bob Rae would have been a good leader, slightly to the left with his former NDP background. I thought that he might have a good chance of getting into power next time, perhaps better than Dion, though Dion does have a fairly substantial policy already on sustainable development.

Mother of Invention said...

Totally with you on this...especially re: Michael...what was he thinking?

Cute pic of your elderly feline! I have 2 and post pics regularly and randomly...hey, maybe it should be called, "Fridays's Felines"! (I did one today from Christmas pics under the tree!)

Finally getting snow here south of Barrie and my husband's going X-county skiing in Collingwood!