Monday, April 17, 2006


Wow, comments! I love y'all. :) And it's so good to hear from other folks having fun in their gardens.

Anti-V sent this link along in email to confirm Nina's guess about the blue flower.

It's called Glory in the Snow. There's only one problem. I don't remember planting them, and I don't remember it being there in the years before so it isn't old homeowner plantings. And there's too many of them to have been squirrel'd in.

My memory is clearly starting to fail! Good thing I'm blogging much of it down.

More on the trip to Richters and family visits later.



Diana said...

YES! Yes! She's right. Glory in the Snow. I remember it now from seeing it in all those Breck's bulb catalogues I seem to get.

Nina said...

Lucky timing on my part. A couple of days ago an aquaintace offered me some Blue Squill and Glory in the Snow as she was cleaning out her beds. I had to google them to figure out whether I wanted them or not.. :) Yep, small blue, early blooming bulbs are welcome in my garden!