Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday was...Good :)

I'm in a much better mood today. We got lots and lots done in the garden.

We found the oriental poppies and moved them out from behind the ecineachea and the yarrow. They were too short last year to be in that spot. I would have moved them last year when I decided they were in the wrong spot, but after waiting for them to finish blooming, and being distracted for a week - I couldn't find them. Swamped over by the yarrow.

Then we created a path between the two lilac bushes by removing (and potting or transplanting - no waste here!) several lilac babies, overcrowded tulip and crocus bulbs.

Here's the new pathway ...

And the potted lilacs, with a few other odd plants from the same area. We don't know what they are yet, but we put them in pots to find out.

This is a new (to us) type of crocus. We planted it last fall.

All of the other crocuses in the yard are white, yellow, and purple.

We planted two patches of peas in a square plot. The theory is we'll be adding a square oblesik for them to grow up on. I'll plant another row around the outside diameter of the squares in two weeks so there's an overlapping harvest. The oblesiks will be in place by then.

These are the first daffodils of the season. As you can see, they are having some trouble with the rose bush.

I think these are blue anemones. Please feel free to correct me if you think I'm wrong. The hubby and I aren't too sure.

Last, but not least...I'm really glad these friterillas came back. They up and died abruptly last year, and I was never sure why.

Of course, there was weeding. I have no pictures for that. There aren't enough pixels in the world to take pictures of all the little baby maple trees in the gardens.


Tomorrow, we're making the annual trip to the Richter's warehouse. We live close enough to make that easy, but they are also a great online seed and plant source. They have a whole lot of the odder herbs that one doesn't normally see in most nurseries - dyeplants like woad, weld, dyer's broom, alkanet and madder or medicinals like motherwort and allheal which are often considered noxious weeds and don't have a 'pretty' value like foxglove, valerian or yarrow.

Not that I know how to do more then grow the medicinals. Yet. Learning is on the list of things to do in my life someday.

So what are you doing in your garden lately?


Craftygrrrl said...

I love Richters but I find I need to leave the Visa and Debit card at home and only go in there with cash! I'm hoping next year to start a dye garden where the remains of the deck is in my backyard so I'll be watching how you do very closely.

Diana said...

Funny you should ask. We found 3 more red maples and a redbud yesterday. They were healthy but smallish, so were on sale for $10 each! Plus, they fit in the van, along with the groceries. Today, we planted them and I've done more spading up all the grass roots under the soil in the vegetable garden.

Next, I'm taking a well deserved nap. Then back to digging, unless the storms that are threatened roll in. It's sunny and 75 F, now!

cyndy said...

Lucky you!! Close enough to make a trip to Richters! Can't wait to see what you bring home...

What have I been doing in my garden? Not enough...the "to do" list is still longer than I'd like.

But since you asked..
1. Fence repair from winter icestorm.
2. Blackberry bush trellis repair from said icestorm.
3. Weeded asparagus bed, put down weed cloth and burlap.
4. Repaired retaining boards in 2 raised beds.
5. Dug out aged chicken and rabbit manure, spread with peat on 3 beds.
6. TILLED FINALLY (but only 3 beds)

Nina said...

I think that is Glory of the snow or chionadoxa rather than Blue anenome. It's really pretty..
I'm ripping and tearing in my garden, trying to put in raised beds as currently it is really high maitenance. I've some new seedlings growing and need to find a place for them. The few madder plants I put in last year are showing signs of new growth and the poppies are starting up and I haven't a place to transplant them yet.

vandy said...

Don't recognize your lovely blue flower, though I don't think it's anemone, but did you know that your Frita-whatever, is also nicknamed a Stink Lily?