Monday, October 10, 2005

Love at first bite :)

Made a pumpkin pie - crust commercial, filling straight from the raw pumpkin - for Thanksgiving dinner with my parents yesterday.

As you can see, we all loved it. :)



Diana said...

Karen, I thought I'd follow up on your comment here as I figured you'd see it. Whole Foods has two stores in Ontario. Maybe these stores will also be able to get skyr? There is also a location near us, so I will see if they have it here. I am intrigued.

I also found a recipe of how to make it:

Jamie said...

Very nice!

I made a pumpkin pie recently and decided to try a new crust--one from Jacques Pepin's autobiography, supposedly his mother's recipe. But I didn't like that crust at all (maybe it was my execution rather than the recipe itself!). I ended up scooping out the delicious filling and eating it with the cream I'd whipped. :-)