Friday, October 21, 2005

blog block, and putting the garden to bed

Sorry for the delay folks, I've been suffering blog block.

In other activities this week:
I've been baking cherry and apple tarts, and yet more pumpkin pie. The hubby complimented me tonight on the tarts.

Neil and I have almost finished the porch on the back yard. I think it's really pretty, but I'm biased. It's an original design by my one and and only husband.

I harvested the last of the oregano and basil, and then promptly bought two new plants on the way home tonight to grow indoors over the winter.

I pulled up the impatients to get a feel for how the herbs were growing in the new round garden, where everything just exploded with growth this year. And wow, have I got herbs! I only wish I knew what to do with them.

Brought in the surprise new tomato plants to see if I can raise them indoors over the winter. I broke one of them off at the stem while digging it up but stuck it in the dirt anyway, and watered it deeply. And surprisingly, it seems to be recovering!

I started spinning the blue-faced Leicester that I bought at London Wul on our vacation. It's new to me, I usually stick with Icelandic fleece because Icelandic is period to the Viking Era, but I am really enjoying this fleece as well. I might be becoming a fiber addict. :)

On wednesday, I harvested the tomatoes before the first frost hit. It's very satisfying to be be supplied my own foodstuffs. I could get addicted to this gardening thing as well.

And for the past several nights, I've been making myself and Neil miserable with bad sinus reactions in the middle of the night. Neil pulled out the furnace filter and cleaned it this morning. I hope it helps.

Yes, it's been cold enough that our furnace has come on - welcome to the northern climes.

This weekend, Neil is determined to put the gardens to bed. We have dozens of new bulbs to plant, and several plants to move. And tonight we arrived home to a heaping pile of mulch - to be added to what was the vegetable garden, and will next year host a wider variety of flowers, herbs, trees, bushes, and a few vegetables.

I've got a list here of everything that I want to do to the gardens next year. It's on our home site so I can use it as a reference point, and my hubby can update it as well.

I've been promising to post a garden summary of the previous year, haven't I? Well... soon. Really.

Karen :)


Jamie said...

What are you going to do with the green tomatoes (besides the where's that cornmeal)? Early in the year I had some great success with a green tomato and apple chutney; other times I like green tomatoes chopped large and roasted with chunks of sweet potato or winter squash. Yum.

Karen said...

Hi Jamie,

I'm not quite as imaginative as you are! I'm just going to let them ripen and use them in a pasta sauce. We eat quite a bit of pasta in this household.