Sunday, August 9, 2009

Iceland: some numbers

18 days
11 hotels or guesthouses
1 ridiculously hard bed
0 "soft enough" beds

0 incidences of salt and vinegar chips
At least a dozen incidences of searching grocery stores for said chips - I lived in hope

1 incidence, purely by the kindness of a charming waiter, of vinegar made available for french fries

6 completely new food experiences - puffin, whale, reindeer, hakarl, langoustine, monkfish and liquid nitrogen

5 hours. Until the very last night here, that was the longest consecutive sleep I could achieve in a country with this much sun in the summer. On the last night here, I almost got 7 hours!

5 hours on the plane, 4 hours ahead in time difference.

0 natural disasters - last year you see, there was this earthquake...

1 incidence of whale watching that resulted in 0 whales spotted and 3 hours of vomiting

1.5 Canadian lanes wide - that's how large Icelandic 2 lane roads are. In the West Fjords, .....largely ungraveled and often steep and blind...... that makes driving
rather interesting.

1 billion waterfalls encountered

1 volcano encounter

1 glacier

1 billion museums or 'centres'

Dozens and dozens of dirty brown rags categorized and photographed - how's that going Michelle?

18 days in Iceland? Priceless!

Questions? I'd be happy to answer.

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Marled said...

I fall in love with Iceland 25 years ago and got addicted to it. I'm still living in Germany but if my purse allows as often as possible in Iceland.
You wrotein a comment about a group in Iceland who will put up a weaving hut? Casn you please gve me more information?