Monday, February 16, 2009

Foggy day, and fiber

We had a foggy day a few days ago. It created some fantastic shots.

But first, getting something out of the way that I've been meaning to post for a few weeks now.

Nina (and any other fiber artists out there) - this is the wall hanging that I did for my hubby's office a few years ago. The warp is junk yarn, and the weft is unspun roving. It's the inspiration for what I want to do next - lots of thick thick yarn. But I'd like it in both warp and weft, and much better colours.

I want to get something up on the loom that is simple and quick - something just to get me started again. Any recommendations for the right kind of fiber? Think really really thick...

This is our front fence line - interesting the way the coloured lights stand out in the fog, even turned off.

The birds tried to hide in the lilacs, waiting for me to go inside so they could help themselves to the freshly re-filled bird feeders.

Freshly re-filled, since the squirrels seem to love getting at them and dumping it all on the ground! Could anyone recommend a good type of grease for the pole?

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Nina said...

I've been looking for "fat" or really chunky yarn and haven't come up with anything yet. Have you thought about gently pre-drafting roving into a fairly thick even roving and spinning it? Or half as thick and ply it for the warp?
What about plying commercial yarn together lightly to make something thick enough - Paton's Merino for example - thick already and available in a fair number of colours.
The original hanging is very interesting and quite pretty. I can see why you want to use this idea to get going again.