Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boat Burning

Friends gathered, camera settings were played with, tripods were needed. Wishes were made, memories guarded, and family remembered.

And a boat was burned, keeper of our thoughts. What was once, and will be.

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the Wareham Forge said...

"A pair of hands from the deep will take the serpent down into the abyss where bellows will fan the flames.
So says The Oracle."

Typically vague...

One thing I will remark on. Each year I go out the next day and sweep the ashes for anything solid, most usually metal or glass. This gets added into the passage grave come spring.
This year, Rob Angus had a package that contained cap badges from soldiers killed in Afganistan. Those badges were completely consumed, leaving only some green coloured ash. The fire was that hot?
Take from that what you will.