Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New tricks for some Auld Phartes

The new year is bringing in a few new tricks for some of our favourite folks at Treheima.

My big strong man takes things into his own hands....

....and made this step stool for our aging doggie. He's having trouble getting up on the bed these days - the arthritis in his hips is sometimes troublesome.

I took up my knitting needles for the first time in 25 years.... and made this scarf and hat, inventing what passes for a pattern as I went.



Nina said...

I love the hat. Having seen the scarf and how nice it is, I imagine the hat is soft and yummy too! Great job on those.
Lucky puppy too!

the Wareham Forge said...

Does the photo Of 'Man with Drill' constitute the first image of the 'photo challenge'?

I very much like the soft natural lighting. The framing is pretty good, you might check a crop along the right side edge to remove the pocket, those lines pull your eye off the image a bit (not a big deal).
The main thing - depth of field. The left hand looks to be the focus point, the main attention subject, the drill, fades into the background. Ideally the camera should have been stopped down to keep the whole of the drill crisp.
I say that knowing that with the natural light, reducing the appeture also would have lengthened the shutter time. That itself might result in a lack of crispness to the overall image.

I think the lighting is what makes this shot. The fact that it is 'work in progress' shows in the tension seen in the left hand.

This is a good image overall Karen

cyndy said...

The hat and scarf look lovely and warm...just in time for the blast of icy air we are getting!