Sunday, January 13, 2008

Old Year, New Year

Big snowstorm at the end of December! It's all gone now with a rainy warm spell this past week. Who knows what happens next?

The New Year brought a brief burst of new energy. I cleaned up my stash. This is just the downstairs part of it - either yarn I theoretically will be crocheting with shortly, or fiber to spin. I've been spinning a great deal lately, because I've been taking lessons in wheel spinning.

I know how to knit, but I prefer to crochet. :)

Never fear, dear drop spindle, I won't ignore you for too long. Although the wheel is kinder to my shoulder. Has anyone else had "spinner's shoulder" with the drop spindle?

Neil took a new job at the beginning of December. His old one was killing him. We decorated his new office over the holidays. He's flying off to California later this month for a few days on the company's dime. I'm. not. jealous. at. all.

Neil gave me this Tigger doll for Christmas - it bounces and talks when you press it's tail. The dog hates it, but I'm still getting a giggle out of it. :)



cyndy said...

Happy New Year!

Love the first photo!
(oh, and the stash photo too!)What is the fiber in the basket with the spindle???

Nina said...

Leif looks like he's enjoying the snow!
Your stash is so organized. I love how you can see what you have.

Karen said...

Hi Cyndy! The fiber in the basket is black Icelandic fleece (unseperated) from Yeoman Farms.

Hi Nina! Clear plastic is the way to go - moth protection and visual organization. Canadian Tire had those clear plastic drawer things on sale over New Year's for the mad organizing rush that hits people after Christmas, along with fitness machines. I bought three of those for the upstairs stash. :)