Friday, January 25, 2008

Blog Fun

RSS feeds - come and see me! It's a pretty site, really. At least I like to think so, anyway. Nonetheless, let me put a bug in your eyes - my blog content is suffering from boredom and inertia. Ask me questions, or offer quotes for the Quote box, or make suggestions for content. I'm listening!

Renovations are in the blog wind - I've just finished finally adding a label to each and every one of my 3 years worth of posts (yes, I know I'm a little slow).

The Dark Ages Recreation Company (to which I belong) has just finished a huge huge overhaul of it's website. And now we have a blog on site as well!

Check out the 2008 Bloggies! The blog that got me started 3 and a bit years ago is the Iceland Weather Report, and it's one of the finalists for "Best European Blog".

1 comment:

Nina said...

What are your final thoughts about your spinning lessons? Did you enjoy them, learn lots or think they were only somewhat helpful?

Did they convert you to the dark side? bwahahahaha.......

What was the best thing your learned from the lessons and what was the thing that you think was the least useful?
Did you spin small samples or large enough to use for actual projects?

What project are you working on now?