Friday, June 15, 2007

friday flowers


And an Icelandic poppy. I've heard that in Iceland, these things are considered weeds.

Pretty weeds. :)

Can you believe what a nursery will sell? I consider forget-me-nots to be a horribly invasive weed - pretty flower, ugly after-life, spreads like wildfire. And yet, there they are - at $2.99 a pot. Crazy.


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Nina said...

I adore forget-me-knots! They bloom early with gorgeous colour. I like that they spread. You can then rip up the ugly black mildew affects bits and it comes back the next spring. They die back fairly quickly so they don't take up too much space or water resources. Even in the lawn, they mow down easily. What I hate are violets! Talk about invasive! They keep on growing and growing. They flower for such a short time and then they spread, forcing out other plants and staying green all year long. The neighbour planted one a couple of years ago, and I'm on the never ending quest to irradicate them from my garden beds. Forget the lawn. Getting them from the lawn areas is a futile task.