Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is it spring yet? or summer?

Comfrey flowers. "Spectrum: Dye Plants of Ontario" edited by Nancy J. McGuffin, and compiled by the Burt House Spinners and Weaver's Guild, suggests that comfrey leaves simmered for a half hour at a 3:1 ratio of plant material to wool will give a bright yellow. Miscellaneous internet research suggests that this plant can be cut down over and over again throughout the growing season and just keep ticking away. Excellent!

This is the first iris of the season. A blue so pale that it almost looks white.

And with it's neighbour, a yellow iris that bloomed the next day.

Love that fuzzy strip in a closeup of the iris.

Oriental poppy! Wow, for such a vivid flower colour, the book says it's dye bath colours are boring beige.

Pink tulips. If you've been reading the blog since last year, you know I'm a big fan of pink tulips.

And tulips in general. In abundance. :)

This year, the tulips have been short-lived, as a result of the slow, cool spring.

We've also been doing some landscaping, creating gravel paths and new garden space.

And just because Anti-V asked, and Neil worked so hard to make them (there's 3 of these now) obelisk. Inaccurately referred to in the plural as obeliski, but I like the sound of the word. I had meant to give one to my parents, but it wouldn't fit in their car when they were last up visiting.

I had meant to grow peas, or cucumbers up them, but the peas proved themselves better on the tents, and the cucumbers somehow just never made it into the ground. Garden art, anyone?

Actually, now I'm thinking morning glories, but I haven't planted them yet.


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sweet jimmy swinghammer said...

beautiful pics - morning glory's are incredible - mine are just coming up now from last year's fallen seeds - the seeds i didn't eat - the morning glory seed has the same chemical composition as LSD - 50 grams will do it but start with 20 to be safe - one man's toxic is another man's trip -enjoy the pretty colours