Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blog blahs

So.... did you know that some folks call these things Blahgs? A statement on the often boring content?

Well, I've got it. A bad case of the blahs. Nothing to see here folks.

Not that anyone's looking anyway... I'm getting just 6 hits per day according to my Site Meter and most of those are search engines. Ah well...

I'll tell ya what. Leave a comment asking me a question, or telling me what you might like to see me write about and I'll do my best to be responsive where appropriate. Feel free to tag me for a meme if you've got an interesting one floating around.

In the meantime, maybe I can forge through the garden pics and bring summer back with some of the ones that never got used in the first place, or borrow an idea from another blogger.... I need to go a'hunting.



Diana said...

Well, I check in on you every day or two.

Have you told us how you and Neil got together? Tales of radical feminism? Odd holiday traditions?

If I see am meme, I'll tag you good.

cyndy said...

...I'm easily entertained, you can talk about the weather and I will be interested ;-)

...(trouble is, finding the time to read all the blogs I like...and are never a blahg! Far from it!)

If you are looking for hits, you could join a web ring?