Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ahhhh-cho! *sniffle, snork, cough* etc.

Well, I managed to largely fight off that cold I thought I was getting over a week ago - until this tuesday. Then it crashed over me.

I've been doing a lot of sleeping, sneezing, snorting, sniffling and coughing. But I'm feeling marginally better today, thank you. :)

More pictures that I took the weekend before last... when the Canada Blooms show got me all excited about gardening again.

You've seen their tulips in the last post.... well, these are mine.

And this is a tiny little snowdrop flower that was hiding under the dead foliage of another plant.

We moved a lot of things to new spaces last fall. The wormwood looks happy...

The woad...

...and the weld both have abundant life waiting. Also recent transplants to a new space.

And the cherry tree seems content with it's new space as well.

I need to get lots more woad (are you crazy? it's a noxious weed) ...yes, lots more, for the garden this year. Apparently, it takes 24 first year plants to dye 4 ounces of wool.

More weld probably wouldn't hurt either, but it can wait. I can get yellow out of dozens of different plants.

Must get warmer... NOW. Must get healthier... NOW. Must plant stuff... NOW.




Anonymous said...

you have growing things!!! and visible ground! You wretch! We're only maybe just getting closer to solid land, but there's still a huge layer of snow between me and anything even remotely related to plants.


Karen said...

That's what you get for being an hour and a half north of us, babe. Move here. :)


Diana said...

Well, I'm more than an hour-and-a-half south of you and your bulbs are still way ahead of mine. Sigh.

Karen said...

Well, if it helps either of you, the bulbs haven't moved in the last two weeks since taking those pics, and it did snow last night.


cyndy said...

I am echoing (if there is such a word) your thoughts on getting healthier (cough! cough! hack!) and planting etc.! Your photos look great and give encouragement!
I was esp. happy to see the pics of the woad and weld...I have them out in my garden too, and realize I need more, much dye with. The process looks extremely laborious, but I really want to try it...Have you read "the colour cauldron...history and use of natural dyes in scotland"? I think you would enjoy it....hope you are feeling better by the time you read this...