Friday, May 27, 2011


Still there? Probably not. I don't believe anyone reads me anymore.

*shrug* Oh well. I'll just blabber on anyway.

I was reading last few posts and thought I'd catch y'all non-existant readerly types up.

Thoka is now only occassionally the dog-from-hell. He's mostly a very sweet puppy who's exercise needs sometimes outstrip my ability to keep up with him. He's even sometimes lapsing into 'companion'. Doggie Day Care is so very yuppy a concept but I'd go crazy without the extra help.

Or maybe it's the spring, and I have more energy for endless walks and frisbee throwing. He really loves that frisbee.

Or maybe he's actually getting me .... *gasp* healthier. More capable of more walks! Nah, can't be that one. It's not like I have any weight loss to show for it. Yes, yes, I hear muscles weigh more then fat. Big fricking deal.... would it kill the scale to give me some achievement markings once in awhile?

Anyhoo.... the trip to Gotland to go on an archaeological dig is still in the planning. We leave in less then a month. The most frustrating thing right now is that the field school is incommunicado. Two months ago, they said they'd contact us with final payment  and more information in the middle of May, and might have noticed that in a typical month averaging 30 odd days, that the 27th isn't generally considered "mid May".

If they need us to bring something specific - like steel toed boots maybe - then they need to give us enough time to find and purchase said object. If there's a pre-requisite reading list, then they need to give us enough time to find and read said books. If they want a final payment for the school, they need to tell us where to send it. Sleeping arrangements would be good to know. A map of where the school is, and which office to go to when we arrive would be good. I can google the school's address, but which office to go to isn't something Google can tell me.

Ya know... little things, like details. I've been married to a Project Manager for too long perhaps. Of course I've always liked to have plans.

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Nina said...

I think plans are good to have. Not knowing where you're staying, what you need to prepare for and if everything is a go for sure sounds like it could be a bit stressful.

Doggie Day care? What is that?