Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Garden, and Birds

Ecineachea in bloom. I think this is the original variety that is supposed to be good for the immune system. I find it amusing to grow a bunch of medicinal herbs that I'll probably never have time enough to learn how to use properly.

House Finch. We think. We looked it up on a website somewhere.

Blue Jay.

Squirrel, oh so innocent looking.

Squirrel, caught in the act.

Funny squirrel. Must find some grease for that pole.


vandy said...

Love your upside down squirrel! I can't even put seed out these days because it attracts raccoons. Upside down raccoons weigh a bit more than a squirrel...they straighten out my bird feeder hangers and do evil things to my screen door.

jo said...

Purple finch i do believe....and my dog knows where the echinacea plants are in the garden and only chooses to nibble the leaves of those plants.

Alda said...

GREAT photos. Oh, I miss Canada now. Sigh.

Nina said...

We have an acrobatic squirrel as well. However, I stopped putting seed out for the summer when, on the same day I went out to find not only that probably 50 birds or more were sitting on the neighbours rooftops and trees waiting for me to fill the feeder but that a skunk had been spending time in our yard.
Birds aren't quite so ominous now and no sign of the skunk recently, so perhaps I can start filling the feeder again in a week or two.