Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Busy, busy, busy.

School's back, the undergrads are crazy, and the work days are getting drearier again. Where the heck did the sun go in the mornings?

The deck is mostly done - the under-structure and top boards are done. Still have to sand a few imperfections out and seal it. It's beautiful. :)

Leif doesn't care that Neil is almost done the last board, he just wants Neil to throw the ball.

It's beautiful, that deck, but it did try to kill me. There was that evil board that insisted on being where my head wanted to be on the way down to crawl under it. And what it has done to my shoulders has had me whimpering for a few days.

Menfolk! After I recovered from the evil board collision with head, I mentioned to the hubby that some little display of empathy might have been nice.... he said that he was watching me closely for signs of concussion. Hmmm.

Just how does one go about being gratefully stunned by the sheer practical attentiveness to my health, and yet still pout because one didn't get that shoulder pat and murmering noises of comfort?

Ah well, of the two reactions, I suppose I'd rather have the practical one.

Apple pie, anyone?

We went to Chudleigh's briefly to visit with the inlaws and watch the nieces and nephews run around the field while we picked apples. I forgot the camera - darned but those kids get cuter all the time.

We've still got some garden chores to do. There's a big pile of mulch in the driveway that has to get into the garden before the snow flies, herbs to harvest, tomatoes and green peppers to play with, pies to bake, bulbs to plant.

Tomatoes.....I've been saucing them up and freezing the sauce batches for weeks now. I'm going to be so sad when the season's done and I have no more pasta sauce to make.
I'll have to move on to other things to brew.... stews and chowders and soups, oh my.



Anonymous said...

mmmmm Apple pie. Don't let my kids see this pic or they'd be hounding me for pie.

vandy said...

Nice, vast deck! (Say, forgot to show you our ONE deck support post when you were here...)

cyndy said...

The new deck looks fantastic!

(I hope you have recovered from your bump on the head! ouch!)

and yes, I would love a slice of pie...but it's probably all gone by now, eh?