Tuesday, June 6, 2006


I'll admit that I wasn't listening very closely. We're encouraged to not engage in political discussion with the patrons while at the service desk. It too easily trips over polite lines and annoys the management.

But this one patron was talking about how frustrating her most recent essay on abortion has been for her. I was nodding politely and just signing out her books...

And she said "did you know that Ireland has a law against abortion but they allow women to leave the country to get abortions in England?"

I couldn't help it.

I replied with surprise. She seemed so annoyed. "So? it's not like they can stop all pregnant women at the border _just in case_ they might go and get an abortion."

"Damn straight they can!"


Wow, was that ever time to shut down the conversation.

"Your books are due in two weeks".

Do you think she seriously meant that all pregnant women should be locked inside their country for the duration of the pregnancy just in case they might have an abortion? What about all those pregnant women who actually want to be pregnant? And, how would they know? Is it time to start issuing pregnancy tests to women who want to take a weekend trip out of country?

I'm appalled.


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Craftygrrrl said...

wow, that's right up there with "well now that you have given birth you must be pro-life" comment I got once.