Tuesday, November 8, 2005

20 Random Things

Well, no one's tagged me, but I've seen this meme on a few sites now and I'm interested. My mind works in random ways. I gather I'm supposed to write 20 random things about myself and then tag as many people as it takes in minutes to write.

I'll skip that second part. I probably don't know that many bloggers yet. But here's the 20 random things.

1. I have a dog named Leif the Licky.
2. And a cat named Ginger.
3. And a husband named Neil.
4. Leif came with the husband.
5. I fell in love with the dog first. He is adorable beyond all measure.
6. He's my first dog.
7. I'm allergic to both the dog and cat, but mostly to Ginger, the cat.
8. I'm not allergic to the husband.
9. I've had Ginger for 16 years.
10. I feel guilty when I think about her dying because I need to not have sinus problems anymore, but I won't give her up.
11. I have a degree in Political Science that I don't use much.
12. My favourite non-fiction author, whom I've met once or twice at the Michigan Womyns' Music Festival, wrote me last night to tell me about her newest essay, published here. Her name is Kay (Leigh) Hagan.
13. It's a good thing that I'm not doing the second part of this meme because it's taken me more then 24 hours to come up with this many random things.
14. I find Kay's latest essay very disturbing. I could be her sister... eyes sliding away.
15. I have now baked 4 apple pies - one too dry, one too wet, one damnably boring of taste but otherwise technically perfect, and one just a little bit undercooked but absolutely delicious.
16. And three meat pies, dozens of tarts and two pumpkin pies.
17. There's a big pumpkin out on the front porch waiting to be turned into more pumpkin pies, or rotting, whichever comes first.
18. Real pies - from scratch, from making the pastry and rolling it out and scorning of pre-made shells, and 'just add this' pre-made mixes.
19. I'm actually proud of, and intensely fascinated by, this growing domesticity.
20. And that's weird for a former radical feminist.

21. Now that I've started, I don't want to stop.
22. It's not 'former' as in 'gave it up, changed my mind, suddenly turned into a funny-mentalist' but 'former' as in 'I still believe, but the function of my life has changed'. Just to be clear and all.



anti-v said...

just think of it as branching out. even radical feminists can have more than just feminism going for them. They get to eat well too, if they want.


Diana said...

Boy, you said it with #19 and 20. I don't get it in myself, either. In my younger days, I never would have believed it, but now I just plain enjoy the whole domestic thing, as long as it is not my only thing. Must. Work. Outside. The home. For fun and sanity. And money. Still a feminist, though, and always will be. So will my kids, son AND daughter, if I have anything to say about it. I just may do this one. It intrigues me.

Jamie said...

My mother always taught me that feminism meant you could choose whatever path you wanted in life!

Maybe some people would be surprised at the radical feminism to be found in the minds and hearts of us pie-bakin' gals, but to me it makes perfect sense. :-)

mamacate said...

On the giving up of radical feminism: what you said. Me too.